I am Loving it….

New Life

I am Loving it ….mmm

For those who thought it was a Mac Donalds advertisement are absolutely wrong.

Here, I am talking about my life and the love I have for it. I am loving each day as it passes and awaiting a new brighter day ahead. To be frank, I haven’t felt this for years. Maybe, I was living it as a rogue routine and never stopped by to ponder over it .But now that I do, I feel blessed for everything it has given me and more. My friends ,parents , spouse, colleagues, my current job, my fitness regime ,my maid, sibling (grrrr….. I wish I did not mention this…. just kidding. I love you bro !!!),….GOD the list is biggggg.

Today I feel great about the choices I made, the chances I took and the changes I made. The time-off I took ,the investments I did on myself, the people/coaches I met, the books/audio that guided me, the clubs I joined….wow I did all these 😉 …I believe today is a result of all that and more.

This is my way to THANK all those who have been part of my life and have helped me be what I am.

I am also writing this, so that I can revisit this at times of doubt or failure. This would motivate me to bring back the zeal and fun.

GOD bless me 🙂


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