Its the DIRECTION that matters


Every action needs direction.Be it a mental action or a physical action.Be in on the streets or while cooking or while painting.

A kid if directed towards good habits and thinking,can achieve great heights with these directions and vice versa.

Everyday we direct ourselves and others,by either discussing,talking,browsing,working,writing or thinking about different subjects.
It’s totally up to us,where we direct our minds.Most of the time, it’s an unconscious effort,almost by habit.But we can always choose to make a conscious effort to move towards growth,prosperity,goodness,helpfulness,action,creation,health or anything that our minds can perceive.

A couple of days back,I read an article about Osama Bin Laden’s Bookshelf.The list is published for the public.Through them he was directing his mind towards what he wanted and what he was focusing on.

If we take a look at the books that we read,or things that we ponder upon,we can definitely get a clear picture of what we are directing towards.

Any guesses …..What most successful people like Elon Musk ,Mark Zuckerberg and many more read? They always read and direct their thinking towards bigger achievements,helping themselves and others grow.

We all need directions(at some point or the other) and that’s what matters.

There are always small things that we can do each day.What matters are those baby step towards it.


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