The Chinese Bamboo tree called YOUR “LIFE”


Learnt about the Chinese bamboo plant yesterday (from one of T. Harv Eker videos).Its quintessential of life and its fruits.Fruits that are at times,sweet,sour,not up to the mark,exceeding the mark and more.

Lets first start of with the story of the Chinese bamboo plant.Its believed when you sow the seeds of this plant,nothing happens for the first year.Not even a tiny sapling is visible for the entire year.So one needs to wait for the next year,that’s the second year of seeding,and the result is same.Nothing happens for the second year too.The same continues for the third and fourth year.But you still keep watering them.The magic happens on the fifth year.A tiny sapling is visible and the plant grows to an astonishing height.90 feet tall in just next 5 weeks. Remarkable isn’t it ?

So the question arises,what the hell was happening different for the last 5 years that has changed now.

What really was happening during this time was,the plant was growing its roots and making them strong enough to take on the 90 feet tall plant.Do you think,if it hadn’t had those strong roots ,it would be able to handle its own weight?

Well,I believe LIFE also works in the same fashion,we need to water our lives with knowledge,skills and passion.Before expecting the fruits of our life to be sweet,rich and best ,we need to grow our knowledge and skills and follow our passion.Enrich ourselves with all that we can.Make our roots strong so that we can take on the challenges life throws at us every now and then and also accomplish our tasks,goals.At the same time,enjoy the best fruits of our life.

But there is a hard to swallow part of it too…..And those are the years of hard work ,patience,doubtful times,failure of seeing the future.In these dark times,we often tend to forget to water our roots.We become so engrossed in the doubts and fear,that we end up being discouraged.

We all have a bamboo tree, a gift from the supreme power with us which is called LIFE .Lets keep watering it and strengthening its roots.And let the miraculous fruits unveil.

NOTE : Please be aware,that I am not preaching the above idea.It is the awareness that I recently had,and wanted to share the same with others.


One thought on “The Chinese Bamboo tree called YOUR “LIFE”

  1. A very remarkable truth ….. there is also an equally important role our passion plays…. if you passionately love what you do… you will never ever give up on your goal… and eventually the results start unfolding, for all to see…. Passion is what ensures that the 24 hours we all have are used up or UTILIZED…. so heres wishing you all that you have the passion to be and DO what we all have inside of us… no matter how mundane others might think of the task…


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