OMG!!! 50,000 per day……

repeated thoughts

Research shows that 50,000 thoughts crosses an individuals mind per day.

Great!!! So we have 50,000 single thoughts and ideas that we can put into action each single day. Hmmm….But the million dollar question is….how many of us do that?

Most of us keep thinking the same things over and over ,thereby wasting a lot of time ,energy and no doubt loads of thoughts. Of course, some of the issues need repeated thinking or revisions before actually committing to any action,but not ALL. In fact only a handful need rethinking on a daily basis.

Have you ever noticed,deciding on breakfast menu,matching shoes,outfits,handbags,lipsticks,hair do ,planning parties,diet or no diet, at times become frustrating for women.The same applies even for men.To shave or not,to wear the same watch/tie or not,call or message or email,beer or not,car servicing needed now or later. To do or not to do consumes quite a larger amount of our thoughts.

We end up frustrated and tired,torn between decisions and end up with the same choice that we made the very first or second time.

Successful people like Mark Zuckerberg,Steve Jobs,Albert Einstein kept numerous outfits of the same kind,so that they don’t have to think ,waste brainpower and choose their outfit on a daily basis every morning.Instead they can use that quality time,energy and thoughts on something useful or fruitful.

So friends,family and readers,lets direct our precious thoughts to things that can be useful,precious or beneficial to your own life.

**NOTE : For all those who read the title and thought this blog would be all about 50,000 bucks,hope you aren’t disappointed.Its about something,much more precious than money.
*DISCLAIMER: The topic mentioned above is no doubt debatable.Its the writers perspective and what the writer felt could be beneficial to ponder upon.


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