There always was and will be…..


There always was and will be situations and circumstances to pull you up or the other way.The choice is “YOURS”(almost in all cases).And if you think otherwise,please think again….was it not YOU who made the choice initially?

I read in a book (The Magic of thinking BIG – by David J. Schwartz), you need to take 100% responsibility of your life and stop blaming others.The first time when I read it,I didn’t give much thought about it.But the next line said “Most of the successful people have these 2 traits”.Hence,I re-read it a few more times. 🙂 And after the idea totally soaked in,I realized what the writer was trying to convey. I could see the bigger picture.

Now do you think,I started implementing that right away ? You got to be kidding ,if you thought I did that. 😉

Life isn’t that simple for me I thought and got along(as always) and tried ignoring the lessons read.But to my agony,I couldn’t. For some or the other reason,every single time I tried blaming someone else for my share of work not done or my failure or tried self-pity or tried blaming the traffic , the stock market, the slow internet  — I could almost feel the author saying it loud in my head…..STOP blaming and take 100% responsibility of your actions and thereby,your life. Grrrrr…… Irritating isn’t it?

The thought lingered for a couple more weeks.

But that was past. If you ask me today,I am trying …..Trying indeed very hard to take 100% responsibility of my life and not blame others for my shortcomings. And trust me,it takes a lot of effort to break-off from our old habits,even though we know they aren’t good.And I would admit,it feels good(in fact great) to be in-charge of your own life because situations and circumstances were always there and will be…..

I feel blessed …….. that I am trying very hard and succeeding(to some extent) in this new venture of my life


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