Recovering from old bad ways

After being upset and disturbed for past two hours yesterday…..i finally realized,i need to grow up psychologically.

Okay,Okay to tell you what happened.Lets go to the flash back.

I attended an interview along with a couple of my friends yesterday.Post the first round,we all knew that none of us had made it to the second round. As everyone was in the same boat,i personally didn’t feel bad,but guess what ??? As we were about to leave,the HR guy(who was very very handsome…. 😉 ….) called one of my friend and informed her that she made it to the next level and that the second round would continue tomorrow.Though we all left for home after that with giggles as none of us was expecting that,my mind was upset and irritated.For almost a couple of hours,i couldn’t think anything except that how could she make it to the second round(when in fact post her interview,she made it sound like it was one of her worst performances).

I went shopping to divert my mind,but of not much help.While driving back home i had an honest self talk with myself, and finally realized,the reason for me being upset.I made the confrontation to myself while being shameless.The realization dawned upon me,that what made me unhappy was not because i couldn’t make it to the second round(that thought had sinked it quite comfortably in my conscious mind)What i wasn’t able to handle was,how could my friend move to the next level.How could someone be better than me. For almost an hour,i couldn’t find a logical answer to my confrontations because there was none.

Since i have been reading few self help guides(off late),i knew what was coming my way. I knew, i had to let go off that unnecessary thoughts and jealousy psychology to move on.To be free.To direct my thoughts and energy to the something better.I took the next 10 minutes,guiding my thoughts to help release those not so good thoughts,energies,feelings.Trust me,it feels great to be back and be my self…. 🙂

My husband always says,its in these hours of testing(our inner self) that we need to be tough and grow tougher.

I feel blessed….that i could think right and recover from those not so good old psychology.

To be continued………………(keep thinking right friends)


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