A new Beginning

Let me start off my first ever blog,by a one-liner quote.

“Thoughts become things…..choose them carefully”  – from The Secret

Thoughts are a reflection of your inner beliefs,ideologies,upbringing,outlook,society and much more. In-fact you can associate almost every word from the psychology books and still not define every aspects of THOUGHTS….huh!!…..huge subject indeed.

Off late, i tend to read a lot of magazines,articles,books about thoughts and its vibrations that create things(almost about every thing that you could imagine about).For e.g. telephone,micro-oven,television,computer … to mention a few are all outcome of somebody’s thoughts. If they haven’t had the thought at the first place,these things wouldn’t have been created.

I read in a book,that human mind is like a transmission tower.It emits energy(both positive and negative) and creates vibrations in The Universe.And also,we draw into our lives things,situations,and people that we tend to focus on. What an interesting and exciting fact…..

I recently had an experience of….”Thoughts become Things” . I had to visit an aunt of mine and had planned to buy a basket of sweet Mangoes as a token of love.When i started from my place,i just thought for once….”Last weekend i bought it for 100 bucks ,i wish its available at 80 bucks.” And to my surprise,the first shop i stopped by to pick them,they had the Mangoes labeled at 80 bucks.Oh My God……my thoughts manifested so soon. I wish i could have directed that much of energy and vibrations to something bigger than this.Though it was a small incident,but i am happy to say that at-least i could feel that and hence would going forward choose every(Ok! almost every) thought carefully and wisely 😉

I feel blessed….that i could think !!!

Happy reading…..

……………..To be continued(I am thinking)


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